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For Men & Women

For Men & Women

For Men & WomenFor Men & Women

* Behold self empowerment *

One of you is functioning 

~ Yet ~ 

There is another magnificent you within,

 just waiting to emerge. 



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If you have not harnessed the extraordinary power of your spirit to free yourself from self-undoing, then it's time to re-empower yourself!

Here, we transform fear into empowerment, conformity into freedom, and suffering thoughts into higher understanding. By evolving our consciousness, we can re-awaken to the miraculous abilities of our spirit and begin to live the extraordinary life we are designed.

Books and E-Books By Jennifer Bryant Aka Mahala Crow



A daily wellness guide for healing the body, balancing the mind and restoring the spirit.

Following a near-death, out-of-body experience, Spirit guided Mahala through a rigorous, 13-year healing and ascension process. She now shares those processes to help others learn how to triumph over challenges and illness affecting the body, mind, and spirit. Since we inhabit a material body, we will experience upset and illness. However, challenges, illness, and upset is not who we are, and we don’t need to let it rob us of our life energy. We have the miraculous power to make wellness our lifestyle instead. 

If you have questioned “Why is life so hard?...  Why can’t I find peace?... Why don’t I have blessings?... Why don’t I feel good?” - Then question no more. If you want to learn how to feel better, think better or just “be”  better, this is the book for you. 

“Our Daily Wings” is a holistic wellness guide giving flight to whole  well-being. As we journey through natural health tips, personal care ideas, wholesome daily practices, and intimate aspects of life and relationships, we stimulate self empowerment and the natural healing processes of the body. Here, we gain the ability to emerge into wellness and soar beyond the barriers of disenchantment. 

With an additional reflection on the life of Dr. Stephen Hawking, the content seeds hope and greater understanding that all life, no matter the perception, has the power to live beyond a suffering mentality. 

Join Mahala on this self-empowering journey through the Body, Mind, and Spirit and awaken to the miracles of limitless wellness!  


Chapter One Manifesting Mindfulness

Chapter Two – Environmental Practices

Chapter Three – Nutrition Practices; The Energy of Food,  Food Buddies & Medicinal Foods

Chapter Four – Bodily Issues;  Sleep, Pain, Intestines, Relationships, Intercourse, Toxicity 

Chapter Five – Morning Practices – “Raising our Wings”

Chapter Six – Lunch-time Practices – “Restoring flight”

Chapter Seven – Evening Practices – “For a Magical Journey into the Night”; Healthful “Before bed” Habits, Decompression Practices, Healthful “In-Bed” Habits

Chapter Eight – Energy Balancing Practices;  Aura Visualization Practice, Earth Grounding, Electromagnetic Calibration, Grounding the Pineal Gland, Solfeggio Sound Alignment

Chapter Nine – Symbolism; The Language of the Body, The Language of Numbers, The Language of the Moon Phases

Chapter Ten – Ascending Consciousness; Dimensional Consciousness

Chapter Eleven – “Being”; Cellular Consciousness, Cellular Perfection, the eight original cells, Limitlessness, Lakai Prophecy, The Light Re-awakens


NOTE - "WHITENING THE STONES OF THE MIND" AND "THE STONE PHILOSOPHIES" have the same content, however, The Stone Philosophies is a workbook, boasting 22 additional interactive, self-help worksheets to help you dig deeper into processing through blocks and past upsets while simultaneously calling forth your power in the law of attraction.

Are you tired of carrying the weight of  unhealthy thoughts or being someone you are not? If so, allow your mind to become whitened and embrace the greatest gifts that dwell within you… the principles of who you really are. 

As the Philosopher’s Stone and secret elixir of life, “Whitening the Stones of the Mind” boasts a complete ascension process that grinds down self-damaging thought to help free ourselves from self-undoing. Simultaneously, the content ascends the soul's consciousness to embrace ourselves “as” the elixir for an amazing life. 

The content takes us through the initial three philosophies of ascension. First, we cleanse the body, to free the genuine self. Secondly, we heal ill formed mentality to experience the peace driven mind. Then, we empower our energy to bring our inner, genuine self to the surface as our life guide. 

As unorthodox and controversial as it may be, the practices, discussions, word games, creative works, and metaphysical messages speak to the inner self, while candid discussions and thought provoking messages catalyze an intimate re-awakening. 

Whether you receive one AHA moment or the entire book changes your life, by the end of the book, you will not be  the same thinking person you were when you opened it. 

Join Mahala on this mind-blowing journey of re-awakening the greatest philosophy of  all… the person your soul already knows you are! 


Chapter One  Enlightenment ~ Responsibility and Accountability

Re-awakening Message with Archangel Gabreal

Enlightening Responsibility

Accountability Message with Spirit Guide Levolita

Illuminating Truth

Illuminating Negativity

Illuminating Love

Love That Inner Child


Daily Journaling


Charge Words

The Opposition

Induced Stress

De-stress Your Distress with Archangel Ariel

Emotional Harmony

Chapter Two ~ Rejuvenation ~ The Power of Energy

Empowering Energy with Archangel Michael

Non-Serving Energy

Viewing Energy

Communicating Energy with Egyptian Goddess Hathor

Expressing and Moving Energy

Energy Moves



Self Balance

Detrimental Thought

Yes and No Influences


Healing Worries

Releasing Death

Chapter Three ~ The Elixir ~ Re-awakening the Spirit

Elixir Message with Light Guide Sheila

Breaking Hell

Forgetting Hell

Remembering the Spirit of Heaven

Your Mirror

Great Darkness

Light Vs. Dark

Higher Thinking

Forgive Me

In the Labyrinth

Heebie Jeebies

Web of Life

The Gift

Lakai Prophecy

Lakai Practice

Harmony Message with Charlize Keeper of the Sky Spirit

Harmonic Life Suggestions

The Light Re-awakens 

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"angels in the woods"

 A Magical Story about Life, self empowerment and the law of attraction for Children and Adults
~ Where Magic and Mystery Take Flight ~   

Angels in the Woods is a magical journey empowering both children and adults to be true to themselves and stay just as they were made… with a child’s heart, happy, loving, and worry-free.

In these mystical woods, a magical woman guides two beautiful children through the woods helping them understand some of life’s upsetting thoughts and feelings. Along the way, the children meet many woodland friends who share their magical life secrets, helping them understand life and people a little better.  

For adults, the forest family speaks a magical awakening of their very own as they are reminded how negativity, in its various forms, can harm everyone in their environment. Adult readers also remember that they too, were born with a child’s heart that is still alive inside.

Children (and adults) often experience fear, family upsets, identity confusion, bullying, peer pressure, death, and many other upsetting things. “Angels in the Woods” subtly address these situations in a light-hearted, deeply supportive manner by re-enforcing the positive mind. As one’s very own book of life, “Angels in the Woods” continues to help guide readers as they grow and mature.  

Chapter One – Rocks and Tree Tops

Chapter Two – Just Wondering about Life

Chapter Three – Into the Wise Woods, The Ryan Earthworms and The Floaty Things

Chapter Four – The Shadow Dancers and The Shadows

Chapter Five – Forest Lights and The Makaiya Ladybugs

Chapter Six –  The Woods Come Alive with The Jessica Fairies, The Brooklyn Bunnies, The Payton Flowers, and The Jacob Glow-worms

Chapter Seven – Wishes, Mysteries and Life Secrets with The Miranda Doves and The Jonah Honey Bees

Chapter Eight – The Magical Women of the Forest,  The Allison Raccoons, and The Emily Foxes

Chapter Nine – A Basket Full of Secrets with The Aaliyah Butterflies, The Vanessa Ruby Phoenix, The Todderic Turkeys, and The Adamcarl Owl

Chapter Ten – A Universe of Memory Dust and The Sophia Deer, Lauralisa Mother Universe, The Shawnshawn Squirrels and The Angel Dog Doodlekobe

Chapter Eleven – The Spirit Keepers,  The Earth Spirit Geri, The Air Spirit Jennifer, The Water Spirit Samantha,The Fire Spirit Faith, The Mighty Wizard Mitch

Chapter Twelve – The Super Angels;The Archangel Raphael, The Archangel Gabreal, The Archangel Ureal and The Archangel Michael

Chapter Thirteen – We Bid the Farewell

Drawing and Coloring Forest Friends
Animal Messengers



A self-help guide transmuting the chaos of the mind into the elixir of well-being. This book has the same Content as Whitening the Stones of the Mind, but with 22 interactive worksheets.



Chapter One - The Body – Freeing the Genuine Self      

The Light Re-awakens

Self-Undoing – Hell is Only Thought


Re-awakening Message with Archangel Gabreal

Enlightening Responsibility

Accountability Message with Spirit Guide Levolita

Illuminating Truth with Worksheet

Illuminating Negativity with Worksheet

Illuminating Love with Worksheet

Love That Inner Child with Worksheet

Daily Journaling

Affirmations with Worksheet 

Charge Words and Opposition with Worksheet

Induced Stress

De-stress Your Distress with Archangel Areal

Emotional Harmony  

Chapter Two - The Mind – Live Harmoniously   

Energy Creates with Worksheet

Empowering Energy with Archangel Michael

Energy Jibber Jabber with Worksheet

Communicating Energy with Worksheet 

Communing with Egyptian Goddess Hathor     

Relationships with Worksheet   

Fear with Worksheet     

Self Balance with Worksheet
Yes and No Influences with Worksheet     

Dissatisfaction with Worksheet     

Release Death    
Three - Re-awakening the Spirit – The Elixir  

Elixir Message with Light Guide Sheila  

Breaking Hell with Worksheet  

Forgetting Hell with Worksheet  

Remembering the Spirit of Heaven   

Great Darkness   

Forgive Me with Worksheet   

In the Labyrinth


Heebie Jeebies   

Your Web of Life with Worksheet    

The Gift with Worksheet   

Lakai Prophecy with Practice    

Harmony with Charlize, Keeper of the Sky Spirit   

Harmonic Life Suggestions     

the working muse * upcoming books...

 * A book about Animals and how they communicate and heal us after they have crossed over into the afterlife dimension. 

* A memoire of strange, weird, and mysterious spiritual experiences I have personally encountered.

* A composition of life related poetic writings to help others through emotional experiences.

* A handbook of daily thoughts to ponder quotes to help keep focus on higher consciousness through the day.

* A polyglot of Sacred text composed of various life-directing messages from spirit helping seekers reconnect with their soul, divine guides, and guardians. 

* A Novel reflecting my life written by another Author

Feel free to submit your name to the waiting list and I will contact you as soon as the book your request is published.


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"Into the Light"...The Gift Behind the Books

Having my own Out of Body, Near Death experience within the afterlife was a miraculous, life-changing journey. It all began with a dark day in Banner Elk, when I was feeling fed up and angry with the detrimental choices I had made in my life. I was so sick of making harmful choices and I was at my ropes end. So, as the anger and disgust welled up inside, I, to my surprise, out of the blue just burst into prayer.  

I had never prayed like that. It was a “passion prayer” that came from deep within. It was a demanding prayer seeking the law of attraction, where I didn’t ask God to fix it, I demanded it with every part of my being. I can be a little feisty and I was at that moment. I prayed aloud, telling the Creator-God… “You had better get down here now and fix my life or just take me home. I have screwed it up and I can’t fix it. I’m done and I don’t want to live this way anymore.”

When  I arrived at work, I continued with my day and forgot all about my morning fit. Around lunchtime, not three hours after my prayer, I was driving to the bank, and I began to see a vision unfold in my mind. It was like watching a movie. I saw a white car coming towards me and then I  saw it hit me head-on. I thought to myself  “what a strange vision.” Just as the vision began to fade, I looked to my left, and I saw a white  car coming towards me. It crossed the yellow line, and I knew it would  hit me head on. 

 In an immeasurable hyper-second of time, everything happened so fast. 

I  recalled thinking, three things simultaneously… “Oh no, this isn’t what  I meant… awe sh*t, this is gonna hurt” and “I guess my prayer is being answered.” At that moment I was positive that God chose to take my life  rather than fix it. When that thought set in I panicked and thought... “Oh no, I can’t leave my son behind.” He was young and the only thing I wanted to live for. But, I knew whatever was happening was likely signed and sealed.  

Then, I was drawn to look upward. I saw an image of a light being descending extremely fast from my left towards me. With a deep inner “knowing and memory” I recognized the angelic light being as Archangel Michael. I felt the angel’s force of energy pulling me out of my car. I was then floating in a vortex of dark, silent space. I could  see only a trail of light emanating from Angel’s path ahead of me. In a magnetized draw, I glided upward and behind the angel having no movement  or control of my own. 

I heard the cars crash behind me. I turned  around to look but then halted, figuring what’s done, is done. Michael  had taken me out of my body before the crash. Realizing that I was no  longer alive on Earth, I felt a sad thought move through me knowing I had left my son behind. Just then, I thought…“No, I can’t die, I have to stay for him.”  Michael, however, confirmed the angelic forces  would always tend to my son. Michael reminded me of the time when my son was electrocuted at the age of 3. He had been shocked to the point of  blacking out and as he came to he was talking about being in the  presence of three angels. Knowing Michael was one of those three angels that visited my son – I thought “OK then, I’m good to go.” I turned and looked up into Michael’s trail of light.  

For a moment, I  just bathed in the illuminated space and Michael’s light trail. The space I occupied was illuminated with only a glowing light from Michael‘s light stream. Everything outside of that was a dark void. Yet,  there was a lot of activity taking place within the dark area. Then, as  we went higher and farther into the space, a whitish haze appeared all  around me. While I can’t even give a word to define it, I can say it was  so silent, peaceful, and absolutely perfect. It was so pristine and complete. Everything felt together. Everything was interconnected and within the same space. Even the cars crashing. Everything was accessible and instantly sensed. There was no separation. I was part of  everything. 

Here, there was only telepathic knowing in unison with everything. My whole existence was in love with the entire space. As I watched Michael’s light ahead of me expand the white haze became  thick and wide. As we turned in toward the right, I looked up and saw a  tremendous brilliant light which became piercing as we moved towards it. I knew Michael intended to take me into that brilliant light. While I  never wanted to leave the space I was in - into the brilliant light, we  went. It blinded me. Everything went blank.  

The next thing I  recall was standing inside an “entryway” with Michael to my left and  Angel Gabreal to my right. Neither, by the way, were human nor were they  male or female. They were light beings, with both masculine and  feminine consciousness as one. I knew them well, and they knew me perfectly. I sensed that this was not the first time we had been together. They knew everything about me and I had a very comfortable  remembrance. 

The next moment I recall was having a brief conversation. They must have told me I was to go back to Earth because I recall disputing my return. Having my hand on my hip and a little stomp  of my imaginary foot, I remember telling communicated… “That’s just wrong. That’s not right. You can’t bring someone here, let them know this place then, send them back!”  I continued my protest. They both said something else to me (which I don’t recall.) Then, I was led  to look ahead past this type of entryway. While the entryway itself was illuminated, beyond it was pure darkness. Mesmerized, I gazed into the  void of nothingness. I wondered if that was where I was going to be  sent. 

Then, I sensed something coming towards us from out of the darkness. I began to see the dark space itself morph and transform. It was very much like water moving when you swirl it around. I then saw a  presence approaching. It was like an illuminated fluid moving and waving in mid-air like it was shape-shifting its form.  As it moved closer to the entryway approaching us it began to take shape and  form - similar to what Michael and Gabreal appeared as. Then, I received  the impact and senses of the presence. I knew I had been with this  being before. The supreme love and wisdom that emanated from this presence was indescribable and awe-filled. There are just no words to  describe it. Nor is there any physical experience to compare.  I knew this majestic awe-filled presence was Creator God. Un-definable by anything and yet, definable “through” everything… this presence was All  things, all places, all experiences, all perfection. 

Communication  between the four of us was universal and telepathic. I sensed the  Creator God had dealt with me before and that this was not the first  time I had stood before the three of them. Even so - I still continued  my argument stating that it wasn’t right to bring people here and then send them back to that Earth space. Everything slowed down and  the silence became deeper. In slow motion, the divine Creator began to  move closer towards me stretching out an image of what could only be  in human terms as an illuminated arm. I felt that I was going to receive a hug and be allowed to stay. Then, as the illuminated  arm-like fluid reached out towards me towards my chest a brilliant, blinding light exploded everywhere. In that immeasurable second, I  realized what was going to happen. My last thought was “No!”…  

The  next thing I recall is “coming to” with a white hazy cloud enveloping me. At first, I thought maybe they sent me to another place in the  afterlife. All the white haze looked like heaven and I still felt  peaceful, light, and spirit-like. So I just waited to see what would  happen next. After a few moments, I realized that I was sitting in my car. Shaking my head, I thought to myself…“Ugh, they sent me back!“ The white haze around me was the airbag contents. Still not believing  they would send me back I questioned whether I was alive or dead. I  still felt like I was separated from matter and floating. While I could  see the accident, paramedics, and traffic I didn’t feel like I was  actually in the earth world. I even thought for a moment that maybe they sent back to Earth as a Spirit and I was just hovering inside the car. I  could still feel Michael near helping me “understand” so I waited to  receive understanding. 

Then, when a friend appeared and helped me get out of my car, I knew I had lost my argumentative battle to stay in the  afterlife. They sent me back.  For a brief moment, I recall thinking “REALLY!?!?” But, I felt so “perfect” that I couldn’t even give any thought to anything less than awe.

Again, Michael, Gabreal and Creator of all spirits, brought me through the light of wisdom.  I knew I would never be the same. And so it was.  After this precious experience, my soul's awareness and extraordinary abilities exploded into existence and catalyzed all I do and share now.