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For Men & Women

For Men & Women

For Men & WomenFor Men & Women

The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education Center Non Profit Organization


Raising consciousness to reduce acts of cruelty and suffering.

The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education Center is a non profit organization of humanitarians focused on increasing holistic knowledge between human and animal to elevate mentality and reduce acts of cruelty and suffering.    



 In the effort to raise the consciousness of humanity to help eradicate cruelty and suffering upon animals and all beings, The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education Center offers various self-enhancement pathways for people and animals. By educating the public on the spiritual, symbiotic healing benefits of animals, and teaching the skills to better provide for their pets, we amplify therapeutic benefit for person, animal, and society. As a byproduct of expanding knowledge, we reduce acts of cruelty and suffering. It is our purpose to improve functional wellness and quality of life, for all life.


Having 18 years in service to animal rehabilitation and 15 years in service to spiritual, holistic education, the center provides diverse services for people and animals promoting: Cruelty prevention education, Spiritual/Intuitive training classes, Self enhancement, literary support, Holistic education and Functional energy healing. The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education Center expresses kind knowledge in alignment with the natural body, mind, spirit, while presenting pertinent facts which allow individuals to form their own independent opinion and conclusion.

Mental stress and the inability to cope with stress manifests neglect and harm. In 2013 medical stress alone accounts for less than 5 percent of people worldwide having NO health problems. 2.3 billion people worldwide have over five health ailments. The suffering expands, as two-thirds of people with medical issues experience mounting debt and financial downfall, which often leads to having to file for bankruptcy, or worse. In 2018 studies, 1 in 5 adults, about 47.6 million people experienced mental illness. Illness multiplies and expands outward, harming everyone in the environment, society, and the innocent lives of animals.  

 As a result, there are approximately 6.5 million companion animals entered in U.S. animal shelters nationwide every year. Each year, approximately 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats (1.5 million) are euthanized, while countless, unreported, innocent animals are living in harmful environments experiencing torture and neglect at the hands of humans.   

Having the wellness and educational properties of The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education center available helps lower these statistics. It is scientifically proven, when people think well, they feel well. When they think and feel well, they naturally express caring, beneficial results into their environments. Our association humanitarians help people think and feel well so they may nurture their world, animals and society as a positive influence.


 Imagine if people had the opportunity to learn how to utilize natural techniques and knowledge to better communicate with themselves and their animals to help them process through challenging situations. Imagine, they could know peace and compassion, free from suffering thought, and learn how to BE that relief for all living things. Through experience, The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education Center offers that relief. 

 The Breath of Spirit center not only helps the local communities directly, our focus and impact is worldwide. The worldwide focus of The Breath of Spirit education program strives to promote mass printing and distribution of holistic self-help books written by Jennifer Bryant/Mahala Crow, which are steeped in self-empowerment and raising the consciousness of humanity. Caring friends then join together and distribute the materials to those in need, and various places of hardship such as;
* Group therapy Facilities                                                                  

* Rehabilitation programs   

* Professionals in wellness fields                                                    

* Parents and care-givers  

* Intervention programs                                                                   

* The Homeless and Homeless shelters   

* Unemployment and Welfare facilities                                        

* Military and Veterans services   

* Hospice and Terminal related groups                                        

* Prison programs   

* Assisted Living Caregivers                                                              

* Group home centers   

* Funeral Homes and death related situations                          

* Spiritual enhancement centers   

* Stress related programs                                                                 

* Employee motivational programs   

* School programs                                                                               

* Psychological centers / Counselors   

* Pet Care, Humane Societies, and animal treatment centers   

* Creative persons, sciences, philosophy, entertainment specialists, writers and anyone who seeks to unite with their unique purpose and genuine self.   

With your involvement, we can raise the consciousness of humanity, heal suffering, and spare humanity and animals from harm.   In Love, Light and Gratitude.

 What negatively affects one person, negatively affects all life in its environment.  Alone, we can make a great difference in our world.  Together, we can BE the difference in the world. 


Help Us Empower Others

All book purchases support The Breath of Spirit Holistic Education Center, a non profit organization devoted to cruelty prevention and eradicating the suffering mindset through animal communication and holistic education.  

Pay it Forward to Someone in Need...

No matter how much or how little, your involvement always helps someone, and is infinitely appreciated!

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